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I want world peace, but I can’t stop fighting with my kids.

I want to conserve water, but a steaming hot ten minute shower is in order.

I want my kids to be less needy, but I am terrified of the day when no one needs me.

I want to have faith, but I want to control everything.

I want to find a politician whose rhetoric I can support, but I want nothing to do with politics.

I want to grow old gracefully, but I want to have a midlife crisis.

I want to get 500 likes on Facebook, but i want to denounce Facebook as the ultimate narcissism.

I want to be the life of the party, but I want to stay in bed with a good book.

I want to rally for a cause, but I want to ignore the news.

I want to live off the grid, but I want to window shop at a crowded mall.

I want to make small talk with strangers, but I want to wear my earbuds and not make eye contact.

I want to help orphans in Africa, but I want to be famous for nothing.

I want to live healthy, but I want to smoke a cigarette with a sexy drink in my hand.

I want so much more for my life, but I want what I have to be enough.


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